Testing is, in our opinion, the very essence of Direct Marketing. For the US Hispanic segment, as well as during our experience in Latin America and Spain, we’ve conducted a number of tests. These have included: Language, Creative, and Content Strategy.

We’ve tested offers, incentives, contact strategies and lots.

In terms of language, we’ve tested Spanish-only; Bilingual; English-only; Mostly English with selected Spanish and vice versa.

We’ve tested long copy vs short copy.

In terms of creative we’ve tested: Message, Color, Format (#10, #12, 6×9, 9X12); We’ve also tested teasers, Johnson boxe, Buckslip, Lift note.

We’ve also tested response mechanisms: Call Now! Call Now with incentive; BRE; Request more information; URL

Over the years, we’ve¬†handled¬†highly complex test matrixes with as many as 48 different cells. http://youtu.be/8H3dFh6GA-A?t=1m5s