Direct Mail

Direct Mail is an essential element in any marketing communications mix and, when reaching Hispanic audiences, presents its own type of uniquely daunting challenges. Mainly the quality of the list, which in many cases does not flag prospective customers by language of choice.

That’s where we come into play.

As a team, we’ve been planning and executing Direct Mail campaigns since the 1990s. We’ve worked for the industry’s pioneer companies, in the telecommunications, banking, and insurance categories.

Because testing is part and parcel of any Direct Mail effort, we’ve helped conceive, plan, and execute testing scenarios that have helped our clients increase response rate. And, what’s more important, craft the type of Customer Relationship Management programs to provide each customer segment the type of products and/or services that best meet their needs at a particular point in time.

Most Hispanic agencies in the US lack Direct Mail capabilities. In many cases, they don’t find it profitable enough. In other cases, they simply don’t think about it as an offering. In all cases they fail to train teams of specialists who understand and enjoy the discipline.

That’s where we come into play.

Below, we list but a small sample of the work we’ve performed throughout the years, in agencies big and small for audiences in the US, Latin America, and Spain.

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