Presenting your Brand through Content

The age of internet marketing has brought back a traditional approach successfully tested time and again over the course of more than a century. It’s now Content Marketing and everyone claims to do some of it.

When executed properly Content Marketing meets a basic human need: Relevant information.

It is highly strategic.

It’s story telling — the story of your brand, reduced to the individual level, told one-on-one. Brand building without the intrusiveness of advertising.

It is educational. And personalized.

It relies on segmentation. By grouping consumers  of content according to their needs — and by providing them with that relevant content, attractively packaged, engaging. Speaking to the person.

Content marketing is, also, a great way to present your brand in a way that’s accesible to your customers, reinforcing their choice, and enticing to potencial customers.

Content marketing has been around for years, evolving with the discipline — from recipe books, to tourism guides, to soap operas, to glossy magazines.

And now to Social Media.

As content marketers we create the full materials — in English, Bilingual, or in Spanish.Be it long form or short form, Audio. Video. Podcasts. Websites. Landing pages. We can research, create, transcreate, translate, repurpose, and recycle materials.

The rewards of doing it right include loyal customers and top rankings through Search Engine Optimization.